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Trump’s Selfish Motives (Please explain them to me)

Trump’s Selfish Motives (Please explain them to me)

    One of the biggest complaints I hear about Donald Trump is that he wants to become president for personal reasons. Apparently it has something to do with a combination of his narcissism, his ego, and his desire to make money. 

    I can’t think of three worse qualities for a president to have: narcissism, big ego, and a selfish desire to make money. That mix of personality flaws would be a disaster to our communist system of …

    Wait, sorry. I forgot we are a capitalist country with lots of media scrutiny and a republic form of government. In that specific case, you want your leader to be a narcissist with a big ego who wants to make lots of money and look good doing it. 

    I want a president who thinks, “Why can’t they add one more head to Mt. Rushmore? All I need to do is perform my job really, really well, while the world watches my every move. I can do that!”

    I have been trying to imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump could act in his own self-interest as president, at the expense of the country at large, and expect things to turn out well for him. What would be a potential example of that?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but a president Trump would have every incentive to do the very best job, both for the country and for the Trump brand. To do otherwise would be breaking with his lifetime pattern of at least trying to excel at whatever he does. And it would be odd for him to throw the Trump brand under the bus.

    On a related topic, I give you this quiz:

    Q. When is a bully a good thing?

    A. When he is on your side and bullying the other bullies.

    I remind you that I don’t agree with several of Trump’s policy ideas, and I am not smart enough to know which candidate would do the best job as president. Nor do I plan to vote, because doing so makes me less credible as a blogger. I have been writing about Trump’s skills as a persuader (or brander) because I think that is something we can all learn from.

    Today’s topic is not about persuasion. This topic is a genuine curiosity of mine because I think I might be the one with the blind spot. As many of you accurately pointed out, my writing about Trump is certain to install some extra bias in my brain. 

    So help me out. Fill in my blind spot by describing how Donald Trump’s narcissism, huge ego, bullying ways, and desire to improve the value of the Trump brand would work against the citizens should he become their leader. Under what scenario would a President Trump believe that screwing citizens for personal gain works out for him in the long run?

    That is a serious question. I think there might be something to that point of view, but I can’t see it. I need some examples.

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