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Trump’s VP Options (Master Persuader Filter)

Trump’s VP Options (Master Persuader Filter)

    Just for fun, let’s say Trump has five options for VP. 

    • John Kasich
    • Some other white male governor
    • Superstar woman or minority governor
    • Mark Cuban
    • Chris Christie

    I’ll break down the choices for you and run them through the Master Persuader filter for a prediction.

    In normal elections, the party nominee picks a VP running mate that can help win an important state. But Trump is likely to run the table without that specific kind of help. Instead, Trump needs some legitimacy around the hard work of governing and cajoling congress. Trump says that directly.

    On the Master Persuader Filter, I see the options this way:

    John Kasich: Too boring. Trump would prefer a candidate who can suck all the energy away from the other VP choice. Kasich is too safe.

    Some other White, Male Governor: Unlikely for the same reason that Kasich is. No sizzle.

    Superstar woman or minority governor: This option has the sizzle, but could a woman or minority credibly side with Trump? I don’t think so. And the media would do nothing but ask that person how he or she could be on Trump’s team. It would be a distraction. And it would seem more pandering than straight-shooting.

    Mark Cuban: Cuban would be my first choice for Trump VP, but he adds nothing in terms of governing experience. Worse yet, the media would keep saying Cuban should be running for president instead of Trump. That is not a comparison Trump wants. But if he decided to take a chance on that comparison, a Trump/Cuban ticket would be unbeatable.

    Chris Christie: If you think about it, Christie is the poor man’s Trump. He has plenty of sizzle – just short of Trump’s wattage – and he reinforces the straight-talking, hard-ass approach of Trump. This is an ideal comparison for Trump. Relatively few people would say the ticket should be reversed with Christie on top. And Christie is sufficiently experienced to take over the presidency if needed. I assume they could work well together. Many asses would be kicked.

    You might think that a Trump/Christie ticket would alienate the South and the West. But Trump has shown strength everywhere, so that is less of an issue than it would be in a normal election.

    The Master Persuader filter says Trump will pick Christie. I put the odds at 70%.

    For new readers, I disavowed Trump so I can stay out of the splatter zone. But I still predict he will win the presidency in a landslide that will make history.

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