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Twitter is My Laboratory

Twitter is My Laboratory

    I’ve been using my Twitter account (@ScottAdamsSays) to learn what types of content are favorited the most. My plan is to do more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff, once I figure out which is which.  Maybe you can help me find a pattern?

    I don’t have many followers for my new(ish) personal Twitter account but you can still get a sense what is most popular. I put the number of “favorites” in parentheses after each.

    Scott’s top Tweets ranked by number of “favorites.” Best performers are at the top of this list.

    I wish I were dumber so I could be more certain about my opinions. It looks fun. (41)

    I would hate to live in a world that rewards ignorance. What? Uh-oh. (with photo of graph of book sales)(26)

    Outragists are the new awful: (link to my blog article) (29)

    While no one was paying attention, weather reports became accurate and the news became fiction. Did not see that coming. (26)

    I knew a guy with passion to be a pro golfer and the brain to be a great accountant. He followed his passion. He’s homeless now. (25)

    If you can’t construct a coherent argument for the other side, you probably don’t understand your own opinion. (23)

    Outragism: The act of generating outrage by quoting famous people out of context. #outragism (23)

    Dear calendar makers: Put the weekEND at the END of the row. Sunday is not the start of the week.(with photo of revised calendar layout)  #Google #Apple (20)

    Guys: If you ask a woman on a date and she says “possibly,” act optimistic and immediately make other plans. #datingadvice (16)

    Salesman: These mattresses are hand-made! Me: Can you show me the good ones made by robots? #robots (16)

    World’s shortest IQ test: “What percentage of your reality do you understand?” Grading: The higher the percentage the lower the IQ. (18)

    My blog post about science’s biggest failure is melting the http://Dilbert.com servers with traffic. His a nerve. (Link to article) (18)

    Best skill combination ever: web graphic design and web analytics. Learn those things and own the world. (16)

    Fancy hotel has personalized products in bath. Not the first time I have seen my name and “douche” on same page. (photo of gel douche) (14)

    My most popular tweets are the ones that insult dumb people. Everyone is confident I am talking about other people who have it coming. (12)

    Stop calling unmarried people “single” as if they are incomplete. I prefer spouse-free. It is not a coincidence we are the new majority. (12)

    Brain dump in the writing room. One card per Dilbert movie scene idea. It writes itself now, like channeling. (with photo of my writing room table) (12)

    Find out what works. Then do it. That’s my system. I’m always surprised it isn’t more popular. (11)

    — end —

    Okay, so what themes do we see for favorites?

    The links to my blog articles get high votes but that isn’t a test of my tweeting skill so much as my blogging.

    The tweets with photos did well. Perhaps people give extra credit when you can produce an original photo that makes sense with the tweet. Or maybe they are simply more likely to pay attention to a photo. (I’ll keep testing that idea.)

    My Mark-Twain-like comments do well, especially when they insult the intelligence, competence, or motives of other humans. But I noted that some of my fitness-related witticisms (not shown) totally died on Twitter. Takeaway: Lack of fitness is not funny.

    The tweets with “natural audiences” do well. My tweet about spouse-free people probably resonated with that crowd, and my comments about graphic design and web analytics probably hit home with people in those jobs.

    My how-to-write posts and tweets always find an audience. I seem to have a lot of writers and aspiring writers following me.

    Do you see any other patterns?

    Scott Adams

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