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Useful Business Web Sites

Useful Business Web Sites

    It bugs me that there are tools on the Internet that I would find handy if only I knew they existed. I did a bit of searching and pulled together a list of useful, single-purpose, free, business utility sites that you probably didn’t know exist.

    boxoh.com – Track any shipment

    whichdateworks.com – Find a date that works for everyone

    everytimezone.com – A clear graphic of world time zones

    followupthen.com – Quick way to set up a reminder email to yourself

    www.dafont.com – Thousands of free fonts for PC and Mac

    www.anonymouse.org – Surf the web without revealing your identity

    encrypted.google.com – Keeps your search queries private from nosey bosses

    www.hipmunk.com – Best interface for finding a flight to book

    seatguru.com – Best way to find the right seat on a flight

    flightstats.com – Track flights

    Do you know of other sites that meet the criteria of being a useful, single-purpose, free, business utility that most people would find useful but probably don’t know exist? I’ll update the list from your input. (No entertainment sites, please.)

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