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Useless Work

Useless Work

    Almost everything you do in your personal life is useful, even if it’s just relaxing or spending time with your family. But if you have a white collar job, almost everything you do for your so-called work will end up being a waste of time in the long run. Obviously if you are a carpenter, most of your nails serve a good purpose. But white collar jobs are mostly about wasting time, with the hope that sometimes, rarely, something good will happen.

    If you have a white collar job, leave a comment telling me two things:

    • (1) What is the next WORK item you expect to do.
    • (2) Tell me why it’s probably going to be a waste of time.

    Resist the urge to say “Eat a donut” or “read Dilbert comics.” Tell me the actual work item and why it probably makes no difference in the long run.

    This will either be sad or funny. I’m not sure.

    [My blogging software doesn’t allow me to do numbered lists that don’t look stupid.]

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