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Violating the Wizard Prime Directive

Violating the Wizard Prime Directive

    New readers of this blog are encouraged to catch up on my past posts. Otherwise this one will make no sense. Search for my #Trump posts to view this one in context. 

    The summary version is that I am interpreting recent world events (mostly the U.S. presidential election) through what I call the Master Wizard Filter

    The filter is not meant to be a true view of reality, if such a thing even exists. The idea is to see if my predictions under the filter fit observed outcomes. And also, just for fun, I will be “fitting” observable data to the filter and showing you how an alternate view of reality can be surprisingly persuasive.

    This is just for fun. Truth is at a different URL.

    — start —

    Today I will show you how to engineer a Linguistic Kill Shot. The idea is to put together a set of words that are so persuasive they bypass one’s critical senses and end a debate. Our best recent example involves Trump calling Jeb Bush “low-energy.” 

    I have been observing in the media that Trump and Rubio have been slinging linguistic arrows at each other for the past week or so. But something is different now, and I wonder if my regular readers have caught it.

    Rubio went wizard. 

    I assume he is now being advised by a wizard, given the quick improvement. Rubio’s linguistic salvos went from lame to weapons-grade in a week. Now Rubio is trying to paint Trump as “having a bad week” and failing in the polls ever since Fiorina “embarrassed” him at the debate. Those are Trump words. Wizard words. Nicely done, whoever is advising Rubio.

    So how should Trump respond, according to the Master Wizard Filter? I will show you one approach for the purposes of showing you how to create a linguistic kill shot.

    Keep in mind that older people vote in greater numbers than the young. So the best kill shots speak to the sensibilities of people that have a lot of life experience. Ideally, you also want to touch an emotional hot-button that galvanizes your base. And you want to agree with what people already think (pacing) then exaggerate it in the wrong direction (leading) using the force of its own energy, like Judo.

    With that in mind, here’s a Linguistic Kill Shot, in paragraph form, that would take out Rubio. Imagine Trump saying…

    “Rubio might be a good president someday, with more experience. Otherwise you get the same problem you have with Obama. Look at that Iran deal. That’s what you get when you’re not experienced. I won’t make dumb mistakes like that. I’ve actually made deals.”

    Here’s the link I just created in your mind by association, bypassing logic.

    Rubio = inexperienced = Obama = Iran deal = Nuclear annihilation = you die

    If you are worried that this linguistic kill shot will change the course of history, that is not likely. Every message depends on the credibility of its source. Now that this is public, and originating here, it takes that approach off the table. The only point is to show you how it is done, in case you someday want to change your own history.

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