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Who Trump Offends with His Salty Language

Who Trump Offends with His Salty Language

    You know who Trump offends with his cursing?

    Answer: Other people.

    You and I are not offended because we are awesome, and above it. We don’t get offended for dumb ass reasons. But we are quite certain that other people need protection from naughty words. I don’t know the names of any of those people, but surely they must exist. And I hope they live in bubbles because the world has a lot of awful words and ideas waiting for them in the real world.

    Let’s stop pretending that other adults are offended by language. That isn’t a thing. We are offended ON BEHALF of people we imagine would be offended. But those people do not exist. Stop imagining offended people.

    People might prefer civil discourse. But in the year 2016, no human is offended by words such as shit, fuck, pussy, and ass. That isn’t a thing. You might have a strong preference to avoid those words. That’s normal. But offended? No, you are not offended. No one else is either.

    But what about the children, you say? Surely Trump’s language is a bad influence on children.

    Said no one who has met a child in 2016. 

    Those kids have the Internet. You can’t offend them if you tried. And if you tried to corrupt them with bad language, a 70-year old man isn’t their role model, even if that man is president.

    Music is the “problem” if you want to call it that. By age 11, every kid has heard every word in songs. Unless they are home schooled and tightly controlled. And those kids should not be watching television at all. The television is full of offensive stuff.

    If kids are using Trump’s policies to discriminate against their peers, they need to be punished. Kids find lots of ways to be turds. Kids are terrible. But the president isn’t ruining them with words. They started out terrible. Trump just doesn’t help the situation. 

    If you want a role model for a president, Trump isn’t a good bet. Neither are the other candidates. We want competence. Give us that and the rest takes care of itself.

    I’m on Quora now answering questions live for a bit. (March 9, 1 PM EST). I would tell you what URL but I can’t figure it out. Okay, figured it out: http://bit.ly/1W9jlu4

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