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Why Do They Hate Science So Much?

Why Do They Hate Science So Much?

    I love science more than you do. I would have sex with science if it let me. Sometimes I worship science. It has earned my trust, unlike whatever absurdities other people believe in. I am a man of reason.

    Sure, science has a few warts. Don’t we all? And remember, science is more of a journey toward truth than a destination. We expect corrections along the way. Those corrections are an essential part of the scientific journey to truth. 

    We know the scientific method is the best method because it was invented by Sir Isaac Newton, the same man who invented calculus, when he wasn’t conjuring gold using alchemy. But he also got several things right, including inventing gravity. Imagine no gravity, right?

    I love science because it makes me smarter reading about all the results and stuff. And by that I am not talking about definitely smarter. One has no way of knowing for sure when science is done unfolding its mysteries. So until the train reaches its destination of truth – and no one really knows for sure when, or if, that will happen – we have to accept some doubt along the way. That is how rational people think. Not morons. Morons are dumb.

    And so it pisses me off when people start saying that the knowledge I have been receiving at the altar of science since I was a wee boy, especially in the field of psychological research, is mostly brainwashing and bullshit, only slightly more credible than a horoscope. Why do the morons hate science? Is it a moron thing?

    For context, I am guessing that dumb ol’ horoscopes, being general in nature, are accurate only about 25% of the time, by luck. Science obviously beats that. By a mile. Duh.

    To back up my point, check out this article showing charts and graphs. I believe statistics and whatnot are involved. And variables. I don’t have time to get into the weeds of it. The point is that I have a preconceived notion, and I pointed you to a link, so I think we are done here. 


    Buy my book because I love science. More than you do.

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