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Why I Disagree With All of the Candidates

Why I Disagree With All of the Candidates

    I’ve said a few times in this blog, and elsewhere, that my political views don’t match up with Donald Trump’s views, or anyone else’s. 

    How’s that possible, you ask? Let me give you a taste of it.

    Take International trade agreements, for example. My opinion is that I’m too under-informed to have an opinion. I’m almost positive that the people running for president have opinions on our trade agreements. So that’s one difference.

    I also don’t know the best way to fight ISIS militarily. But I do think we should be looking to use persuasion in its strongest form to fight the “idea” of radical Islamic terrorism. I think that’s different from any of the candidates’ plans.

    On Supreme Court nominations, I’d like to see the number of justices stay at eight, which I believe is legal under the Constitution. And then I’d like to see new justices appointed in a way that deadlocks the court for most issues at 4-4. That way their decisions would be more credible to the public because there is only a decision if one side (conservative or liberal) has a defector. In other words, I think the president should be working on making the court credible instead of working to make it biased.

    On college education, I think the country should be working toward creating inexpensive online alternatives. Like Bernie Sanders, I think college should be nearly free. But I think the free colleges should be online. That way the government can fund one college, in effect, and broadcast it to the entire world.

    On social services, I think the country needs to get serious about lowering the cost of living for the elderly and the poor. We probably can’t produce enough money to care for our citizens in our current expensive world. But we can build cities where the cost of living is low while the lifestyle is extraordinary. It just requires good planning and engineering. I don’t see any candidates talking about reducing the cost of living a quality life.

    On healthcare, I think we need to work toward making it universally available. But I think we only get there by making doctors available online, perhaps with lots of local nurses to apply bandages and do the simple hands-on stuff. My experience with my healthcare provider, Kaiser, is that their robust online service reduces my burden on the system by about 30% while improving my satisfaction. 

    And I would want a president who can be a role model for eating right, even if it puts some big food companies such as Kraft or McDonalds out of business. I don’t see any candidates talking about diet and fitness.

    On immigration, I don’t know how good the country is at vetting newcomers. If we’re spectacular at it, I’m all for allowing some sane levels of immigration. If we’re bad at it, security has to be the top concern. Call me under-informed.

    On abortion, most people base their opinions on a starting assumption about when life begins. I take the Schroedinger’s Cat approach to abortion in which I believe that the fetus is a living human if you think it is. And if you think it is not a living human, it is not.

    Ridiculous, you say?

    Keep in mind that your brain evolved to keep you alive. It did not evolve to give you the one truth about the nature of reality. We all have our own little movies playing in our heads that we believe to be reality. And we all have a different movie. You might believe your prophet flew to heaven on a winged horse and I might believe I am reincarnated from a monk. According to my worldview, reality is subjective. And that means if you see a fetus at a certain age as living, and I don’t, neither of us is right. We just have different movies. And we’ll never know which of us is closer to reality, if indeed reality has some objective truth under the hood. 

    But we humans still have some sort of need to make decisions within our illusions. My decision on abortion is to take a backseat to the collective opinions of women and try to support whatever women decide. With a topic as emotional as abortion, The top priority is to make the law as credible as possible so society can tolerate it. The opinions of men do not add to the collective wisdom about abortion but our involvement does reduce the credibility of whatever laws come out of it. 

    I don’t think any of the candidates have my view on abortion.

    I could go on, but I think you see my point. I’m either under-informed on issues or I take a totally different approach to them.

    I have also been asked many times if I would personally be happy or unhappy with a Trump presidency. The answer is that a Trump presidency would probably be the worst possible outcome for me. Half the country loathes any new president and that loathing would extend to me (more than usual) should Trump get elected. Every time Trump does something unpopular, I would get dumped on for my past blogging about his talents for persuasion.

    I also think Trump is the only candidate who can raise taxes on the rich. I don’t love that personally.

    So a Trump presidency would be terrible for me. I don’t know how it would be for the rest of you. I’m not psychic, and I have no track record of predicting the successes of presidents.

    If you think my political views are dumb, you should see my book. It is far worse.

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