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Why This Tweet Went Viral

Why This Tweet Went Viral

    You already saw my Robots Read News comic about self-driving cars. This one got more attention than any other tweet I have done. Let’s see why.

    1. It is a visual image. Pictures do better than text.

    2. It uses three dimensions of humor: Cruel, clever, bizarre

    3. No person or group is offended (so it is easy to retweet without fear)

    4. Self-driving cars are a hot topic and sexy enough that folks want to be associated with it. Robots are extra-topical these days too. When you combine two headline trends, you usually get something funny.

    5. The comic portrays all humans as dumb. That theme always performs well.

    6. It is brief and has no sound, so it easy to consume. People can forward it without feeling they are asking much of the recipient.

    7. It looks good on mobile devices.

    8. It has no sexual or other problematic content, so people can forward it without professional risk.

    There are other ways to go viral, but if you hit all of those eight points, you will probably get people’s attention. True viral activity doesn’t often happen because even professionals can’t generate viral content on demand. This comic idea popped into my head while I was thinking of something else and I wrote it down. I doubt I could have started from scratch to build a viral tweet and succeeded. But I did consciously make it conform to the eight points to increase its chances.

    At Top Tech Blog, a breakthrough in super capacitors could change the world in a big way by replacing traditional batteries. We might be getting close with this.

    My book is getting a lot of attention lately. It has been out long enough that people are reporting improvements in fitness, weight, careers, and life in general.


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