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Win Bigly – Available for pre-order

Win Bigly – Available for pre-order
    My new book, Win Bigly, is available for pre-order wherever you buy books:



    Books A Million



    Google Books

    Win Bigly is a tutorial on weapons-grade persuasion, using as a backdrop the personal story of how I used my knowledge of persuasion to predict a number of unlikely events during the 2016 election. You’ll have a new superpower when you are done with it. And you’ll never see reality the same way again. (In a good way.)

    If you liked my book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, you know it taught you how to persuade yourself toward success (essentially). Win Bigly teaches you how to persuade others. I hope you use your new powers for good.

    Win Bigly is some of my best work. You’re gonna like it.

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