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Windham NY “wiped out” – update

Windham NY “wiped out” – update

    Update at bottom.

    I’m trying to contact my 84-year old Dad who lives in Windham NY, the town apparently hit hardest by Irene’s flooding. The Main Street is described as “wiped out.” This is the town in which I grew up.

    My father lives alone on a hill above where the flooding is, so he wouldn’t be in immediate danger from the high water. But my mother passed away a few months ago and he’s living alone. Phones are out and my sister can’t reach him by car. If you know anyone who knows anyone on dry land above Windham, and you can check on Paul Adams (his location is universally known – small town) I would appreciate that. Please let me know by email to dilbertcartoonist@gmail.com. I’ll be checking regularly.

    Thank you.

    [Update: My Dad is confirmed to be okay and in his house. An old classmate of mine saw this post and asked her parents to check on him. Another classmate was less lucky. His childhood home, with his mother in it, got swept away by the flood, and she is still missing.]

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