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Writing Tips for Humorists

Writing Tips for Humorists

    This morning I wrote a Dilbert comic while live-streaming on Periscope. If you are interested in the writing process, you’ll see me go from initial idea to final wording while talking aloud. (Skip through the first few minutes of set-up.)


    In the video, I work in real time as I explain…

    1. Why you should avoid using questions in dialog.

    2. Comedy timing in written form.

    3. Layering humor dimensions.

    4. Establishing the connection with the reader.

    5. Brevity.

    Update: Here’s the strip (undrawn) so you can see how much it changed from where I ended the video. I kept tightening it to this. You won’t see this finished and published until March 1st.

    To see my writing in book form, check here.

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