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You in the Crowd [updated]

You in the Crowd [updated]

    [update at bottom]

    The other day I overheard a conversation in which someone referred to one member of a coaching staff as “the black one.” It struck me as a bit jarring, in the racist sense, but it was also the fastest way to make the identification. It made me wonder how people describe me when they’re trying to save time. Something tells me I wouldn’t like it.

    But enough about me. How would someone describe you to a stranger if the goal were to help locate you in a crowded room? Be honest. Leave your comment below.

    I have a half-hypothesis about how your answers will run. I’ll tell you later. For now, leave a comment and tell me what shorthand (up to three descriptors) would describe you uniquely in a room full of people. Let’s assume that the people in the room are a representative sample of your fellow citizens.

    UPDATE: My hypothesis was that people would describe themselves using the same factors that single people most often look for in online dating. Women looking for men generally filter first for height and hair-sufficiency. Men looking for women generally filter first for weight. Yes, humans are shallow. But I don’t think my hypothesis was quite validated.

    I also expected lots of facial hair on the males reading this blog. That’s a correlation I noticed about my readers years ago. I didn’t expect so many male readers with long hair and so many red heads of both genders.


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