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Your Psychological Profile

Your Psychological Profile

    Yesterday I went through my old blog posts to see which ones got the highest ratings from readers. Based on that information I have compiled a psychological profile of you.

    You are unusually curious about how things work. You value function over form. You like solving problems, even if they are not your own problems, and other people don’t always appreciate that about you. You can be argumentative. You like pets.

    At least one of your parents is a bit of an intellectual. You place a high value on education. You think people control their own success over time, although luck plays a huge role in any given moment.

    Your generosity has gotten you in trouble in the past. You don’t trust the media. You think you’re smarter than most of the people in your life.

    You like finding ways to save time and money. Your relationships have been bumpy. You get angry a lot but you think it is usually justified. You wish you were funnier and more creative than you are.

    You have imperfect vision. You don’t exercise as much as you think you should. You wonder what it would be like if you were more attractive. You value science over superstition. Learning makes you feel good.

    How’d I do?

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