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Zebras and Whatnot

Zebras and Whatnot

    The inflation rate in Zimbabwe just hit 4 million percent. Some people say it is only 165,000 percent, but they are just being stupid.


    The tragic situation in Zimbabwe is no laughing matter. That’s true for most of the world. So I try to avoid reading any news that would educate me. Nothing good can come from it. But for some reason I broke my rule and allowed myself to read a story about Zimbabwe’s 4 million percent inflation rate. Now all I can imagine is a villager with a zebra cart full of cash trying to buy a turnip, and the vendor says, “That was yesterday’s price. Today it is two zebra carts full of cash.” And I try not to laugh because zebras are funny, yet this is no laughing matter. It’s all making me tense.

    I don’t know how well the school system in Zimbabwe is preparing its citizens, but it takes a lot of math to plan a trip to the market. “Let’s see, that’s four million percent inflation annually, convert to a daily figure, calculate the time it takes to get to the market, and QUICK, LOAD THE ZEBRA CART!” If you paused for an unscheduled stop at the unspeakably horrible poop hole, you’d have to start all over.

    Yeah, I think I’ve said enough.

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